Prayers April 4 2020

In Our Prayers for the week of Sunday 5th April, 2020
Anglican Communion
We pray for the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean.

Anglican Church of Canada
We pray for Todd, our Bishop; Tim, our Archdeacon; Anne, our Metropolitan; Linda, our Primate; Mark, National Indigenous Archbishop; Marinez, Bishop of Amazonia and Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Diocese

of Huron
We pray for the clergy and people of St. George’s, New Hamburg and All Saints, Waterloo.

In our deanery, we pray for the clergy and people of Brant Regional Ministry.

Simcoe Churches
We pray for the clergy and people of Trinity Anglican Church.

Lord as you came to Jerusalem, you came to bring peace – but the civil authorities did not welcome you.

We pray for our world – for peace that brings an end to violence, oppression and war, For peace that enables all people to live with dignity and justice;

For world leaders and for all who commit their lives to the work of peace.

We continue to pray for all people and nations affected by the Covid-19 outbreak especially health workers risking their own safety to help others.

Our Parish Prayer List

On our parish prayer list we pray for:  Betty and Bart, Leanne MacDonald, the Ashley family, Belinda, Dennis, Lisa Dedrick, Lyn Hall, Jake O’Neill, Remington Crane, Debbie Sen, Angella, Al, David & Jane and those only known to you as well as those on our long term prayer list.

(long term)
We pray for: Astrid, Rachelle, Andrew, Nick, Sharon H., Norma Thompson, Fawn and family, Pauline A, Harvey Bassindale, Peter, Elizabeth Smith, Amanda Franklin, Larry Dawson, and Cheryl.

Parish Cycle of Prayers
In our parish prayer cycle, we pray for the following parishioners and their families: Pam Whitehead, Mike & Mary Whitehead, Pam & Bill Whitfield, Dave Wilson & Jill Steen, Judy Wilson, Robert & Marilyn Wingrove.