Week 5 At Home Lenten Study 2020

As we approach the final week of “Signs of Life,” we marvel at how dramatically the world’s circumstances have changed from when we planned the series. We also marvel at the rich and unforeseen resonances that have arisen as we now contemplate these timeless signs through the lens of this developing global crisis. 

This upcoming week, we will consider the sign of Community, here at a moment when many of our own regular communities are disrupted.  Many of us might be struggling with feelings of isolation or, on the other hand, a challenging proximity to those with whom we dwell.  We’ve certainly never been more aware of how closely our lives are linked with others.

We pray that this week’s reflections will help us all to embrace how life in community is a sign of God’s presence with us and within us.  We look forward to sharing this final week in our series and hearing how God touches your heart through the theme of “Community.”

“As you watch this video, pay attention to the various ways community is explored, and think about how community is present in the life and liturgies of your worshiping community.”


  • How has your experience of community influenced your spiritual journey?
  • Brother Jim says, “We are created as social beings, and God is a community of persons. It’s actually to our health that we do come together as community and have our rough edges rub up against those of others.” When have you had a rough edge rubbed off?
  • Brother David says, “Silence is a gift that allows us to recognize and revere the mystery of every person. Only God can know this person as who they truly are.” How can being silent help you know someone better?
  • In a healthy community, individuals can flourish as individuals. Tell a story about a time you were accepted exactly as you are.