Week 3 At Home Lenten Study 2020

As you watch the video consider:
“Where is food present in the life and liturgies of your own worshipping
How are these symbols and practices similar or dissimilar to what you heard
and saw in the video?”

After watching the video consider these questions:
How has food inspired you? How has food been a part of your spiritual
Can you think about a time that you connected with another person while
sharing a meal.
Brother James notes that Jesus feeds us both with the Eucharistic meal, but
also with Scripture. How does Scripture feed you?
Brother Luke says, “There is always more to receive of God…but a piece of
bread each day is helpful as a helpful reminder that I’m given what I need
as opposed to all that I crave.” How does the Eucharist sustain you? How do
you know when you have enough?
When we receive communion, we become more like Jesus. But during the
Eucharist, the body of Christ is broken so that it may be given to us. Have
you experienced a brokenness that was a gift to others?