Week 4 At Home Lenten Study 2020

As you watch this video, pay attention to the various ways shelter is explored, and think about how shelter is present in the life and liturgies of your worshiping community.”

Questions for reflection.

  • How has your experience of shelter influenced your spiritual journey?
  • Br. Geoffrey describes his experience of finding home at the monastery, a place he had never been. Have you ever come home to a place you’ve never been before?
  • When have you found shelter in God?
  • Shelter doesn’t necessarily imply a physical space. Br. Nicholas shares the story of a time when someone offered shelter to him through silent presence. When have you provided shelter for another, or been sheltered by another?
  • How has the knowledge that are always sheltered by God enabled you to take difficult journeys?
  • Is your church truly a place of sanctuary for all? Why or why not?