Marriage Info


Congratulations on your up-coming wedding and Marriage. The information provided on this sheet will help you prepare for your big day.

  1. Cost

The basic cost of the wedding is $625.00. The cost covers the clergy: $200.00, the organist: $150.00, the caretaker: $75.00 and also includes a tax-deductible donation of $200.00 (which will be receipted). The donation goes toward defraying the annual cost of maintaining our building.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE FEES: The fees are given, in cash, to the priest at the rehearsal in separately marked envelopes.

  1. License

Obtaining a Marriage License is the responsibility of the engaged couple. These licenses are available at the Town Hall. Please note that the Province of Ontario requires that a Marriage License be no more that ninety days old. When purchasing a license both the groom and bride will need to present their Birth Certificates. In case of a previous divorce a certified copy of the final decree(s) is required. Please bring the Marriage License to the Church early in the week of your wedding, at the latest.

  1. Marriage Preparation

A form of marriage preparation must be arranged.  Please talk with the Clergy about options available.         

  1. Organist

Our organist is Mrs. Christine Mulholland. It is expected that Christine will play the organ or piano at all our weddings. If another organist is used, Christine’s fee is still required in full. Her fee is $150. She does not attend rehearsals unless there are extenuating circumstances and if so, the additional fee for the rehearsal and/or rehearsal with soloists is $25. She will meet personally with each couple to arrange the music for the wedding. Requests for attendance at the rehearsal and/or soloist’s rehearsal is required upon initial contact. Requests made at a later date (i.e. closer to the date of the wedding) will depend on her availability.

Christine is available to meet with you on Thursday evenings from 6:00-6:30 p.m. and 8:15-8:45 p.m. and on Sundays from 12:00 p.m.-12:30 p.m. You will need to book an appointment with her. Please do not neglect to contact her as soon as you have booked your wedding with the church so that she has adequate notice to reserve the date for you.  Please contact the office at 519-426-0501 to leave a message for Christine.

A note on the use of “outside” musicians: Some couples wish to have their music provided by someone other than our own organist. The policy at Trinity is that all music is provided by our own, professional, organist. Weddings are services of public worship and only a professional church musician knows the intricacies playing for liturgical services. If it is a couple’s desire to have someone else provide the music then the following will apply without exception.

A) Any musician hired for a wedding will be a professional – that means they derive their living primarily from the playing of their instrument and, they will be expected to understand and work within the special demands of playing in a liturgical environment.

B) They will be expected to work with the priest to provide music that fosters an atmosphere of worship fitting to our worship tradition here at Trinity.

  1. Flowers

You may want to place flowers at the Altar or in the Sanctuary area. If this is the case, please know we do not put artificial flowers at the Altar. You can arrange for flowers through your own florist, or, for an additional $60.00 fee, our Altar Guild will procure flowers for you. Flowers must be delivered to the church between 9:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. of the wedding day or left on rehearsal night. If you indicate that you intend to place flowers in the church, it is our expectation that a suitable arrangement will be left to decorate the Altar on the following Sunday. A notice will be placed in the Sunday bulletin indicating that “the flowers on the Altar today are given in thanksgiving for the marriage of n and n, solemnized here at Trinity, yesterday”. The contact for the Altar Guild is Monica Sullivan (519-428-1727).

  1. The Service

The service itself will be planned within the context of the marriage preparation course. If the couple wishes to have a minister from another church or another denomination participate, it is appropriate that the invitation be extended by the Trinity clergy, not the bride and groom. Wedding rehearsals will usually be held the night before the wedding. Special arrangements, however, can be made to accommodate special circumstances.

The clergy request that flash pictures not be taken during the wedding service itself. Please inform your photographer of this. Camcorders are allowed but must remain stationary in a position agreed by the clergy. This maintains the focus of the wedding on the bride and groom and away from the photographer.

Wedding Bulletins are the responsibility of the wedding couple. The bulletin will be reviewed by the Presider before the couple has it printed.

Due to the fact that more than one wedding may be scheduled on any given day, we request that everyone be on time for both rehearsal and the wedding so that everyone’s wedding day will go smoothly.

Additional thoughts:

Remember, a wedding ceremony is not a Hollywood production. It doesn’t have to go off without a hitch. Almost every wedding has some minor glitch and that’s o.k. So, relax! Enjoy your day! Our rector will walk you through everything and keep it meaningful and memorable. We hope that your wedding day will be a time of delightful memories and rich blessings. We are honoured to be part of such a significant day in your lives and pray that God will richly bless your lives together.


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